I’m an artist who loves to make quilts. I share my time between working in sketchbooks, printmaking and painting, and working on stitched pieces. I love that with techniques such as digital print, fabric painting and screenprinting, I can achieve the same painterly layering of images in my quiltmaking that I so enjoy creating on paper and canvas.

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For me, painting is a two way experience – the paints have as much a part to play as the painter. Exploiting the fluid characteristic of watercolours or the buttery quality of acrylics and allowing them to do what they do best is all part of the pleasure. It’s a bit of a battle sometimes to balance control with serendipity but adds to the satisfaction when it goes well. I can’t imagine a life where I couldn’t paint. It’s something I’ve enjoyed since I was a child and I’m sure something I’ll continue to do as long as I can hold a brush!

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This is where it all starts. Drawing is fundamental to everything that I do. It is a discipline that encourages close observation and understanding of a subject. It educates and informs. Working into a sketchbook allows experimentation, develops compositional skills and improves spacial awareness. If anyone tells me they can’t draw I say, ‘do yourself a favour, learn’! Drawing helps you quilt too – after all, whether you work with pencil or thread, it’s all about line, shape, colour and contrast isn’t it?

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