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Studio Sale

Studio Sale

I don’t make many quilts for sale. My work is usually created in response to a call for submission to an exhibition but I’m pleased to say that they do often sell when they are on show. There’s nothing quite like seeing quilts ‘in the flesh’ to tempt a buyer. But in these uncertain times there are few opportunities for getting the quilts out and about. I don’t have any upcoming exhibitions even pencilled into my diary so I’ve decided to post a few of my quilts here on the website just in case anyone fancies giving one a home! I’ve also kept the prices as low as I can because, buying direct from the maker means there’s no gallery commission!

You might remember some of my Moth series from the article in Quilting Arts Magazine a little while ago? I am fascinated by the creatures I see in my garden, in fact, nature is my greatest inspiration. There were several of these moth quilts made for an exhibition we had planned before the dreaded pandemic struck. A couple of them made a brief appearance on the Madeira trade stand at the National Exhibition Centre but they were never exhibited as intended. Seems a pity to have them hidden away  where no one gets to enjoy them so you’ll find three of them now available in the shop.

I’ve also added one of my favourite pieces, ‘Wolf Moon’. This one was made for a DesignmattersTV video and has also never been exhibited.

Quilts are a fantastic way of adding colour and personality to an interior and they will give years of pleasure as long as they are not hung in strong, direct sunlight. Treat them as you would a watercolour painting.

I’ll be adding more to the ‘Shop’ as I find time to get them photographed so please check back from time to time to see if anything appeals and feel free to drop me an email if you need more info or have questions.

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