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New in my Shop

New in my Shop

I’ve been busy painting and stitching – nothing new there you might say. There comes a time though when everything starts piling up as I finish one thing and move onto the next project. I have begun to realise (again!) that unless I move some of my work on to new homes I risk being ┬áburied alive. So, I’ve been sorting through some of the heaps of work I have and listing them here on my website. Several of the newest pieces have sold straight away and I’m very grateful to any of you who have supported me in this way. This little acrylic cat painting was really fun to paint and I’m glad someone else liked him as much as I did! I’ve also added a couple of the quilted and embroidered pieces that were featured in Quilting Arts Magazine a while ago – you can find them in the shop.

I’m happy to say the wren and the blue tit also found a new home last week. It’s quite liberating to work small sometimes – many of my quilts take weeks or months to create so it’s satisfying to tackle something that can be achieved a bit quicker than that. I do spend quite a few hours on my paintings because I love the fine detail but pincushions are a little less demanding. As well as being a useful object for anyone who loves to sew, they provide the opportunity to combine lots of colours, imagery and techniques and can be completed in less than a day. You can try things out just to see ‘what if’, without the stress of maybe making mistakes with a more important piece! I’ve got lots of pincushions and I’ve just listed these two in my shop today.

At the moment I am experimenting with oil painting after a gap of quite a few years. It’s a slow process and a steep learning curve so I appreciate being able to turn to a small project in-between waiting for layers of paint to dry! The smell of oil paint and turpentine is something I remember from my student days. I LOVED it and was immediately transported to another world as soon as I went into the studio!! Nowadays we are a lot more aware of the dangers of inhaling such heady substances so I’m substituting low odour mediums. Not so exciting but probably more sensible! If I can master the oils I’ll let you see what I’m painting – if it’s a disaster it will never be mentioned again!!

Hope you are all making time to be creative in these difficult days. I know from experience it does help.

Bye for now – Linda x

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