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6 inches x 6 inches
15 cm x 15 cm

This is an original painting of one of the birds that I would love to see in my garden but I’ve only ever seen once. That was on a walk up the hill out of Laura’s village. We heard him first but after a careful search in the hedgerow we spotted him in all his tiny glory!  My painting is acrylic onto a square, wooden panel and is ready for display.


The price of £95 includes UK postage but if you’re outside the UK please email before purchasing for a quick quote on shipping.


2 thoughts on “Goldcrest

  1. I’m lucky enough to see them in our garden occasionally. One time, when I was putting some stuff in the composter, I heard a noise behind me, turned round and saw one sat on a branch only a foot away. Even though I moved, he carried on doing what he was doing, not at all bothered by my presence.

    1. How lucky you are Jinnie. They are so special aren’t they and I bet most people have never seen one!

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