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Crow Song

Crow Song

Crow Song is a small quilt measuring 18.5inches x 25inches. That’s 47cm x 63cm.

It features a digital print of one of my sketchbook pages, together with piecing, acrylic transfer, fabric painting and free motion quilting.


3 thoughts on “Crow Song

  1. Crow Song
    Hi Linda
    How to make a purchase? Thanks

    1. Hi Carole – thanks for your interest in Crow Song. I haven’t got around to adding it to my shop page yet as we’re still working on the new website and only adding available pieces gradually. I’ll try to post it on there tomorrow so you can make the purchase if you decide you would like to. Hope to hear from you again soon!

    2. Hi Carole – just a quick word to let you know Crow Song is now available for purchase in the Shop page of the website. I wonder if you would mind letting me know if you are interested or not as I’ve just had someone enquire about it? I’ve let them know I am giving you first refusal. Best wishes, Linda

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