Work in Progress and for Sale

I’ve been adding more photos to my website over the last few days. The new site and was looking a little sparse so it’s more than overdue! I still need to photograph lots of my quilts but the small works page is beginning to fill up nicely.


I’ve taken the opportunity to include several of the small works that I have for sale. I’ve priced things to sell so if you fancy a browse please have a look and get in touch if there’s anything you fancy.


DMTV viewers might recognise some of the projects from our videos……………….


But there are also some pieces that haven’t been seen before. You can find them all by choosing ‘Portfolio’ and then ‘Small Works’ from the menu bar.


Back in my workroom the portrait quilt is coming along. I’m just concentrating on filling the negative spaces between the butterflies and dragonflies at the moment. I’m putting off the difficult part of the quilting – the face, for as long as I can. I’ll get around to that when I’m feeling braver!


It’s fun to bring in a bit of traditional feather type quilting and the shapes give me scope for some fabric painting maybe. I’ll reserve judgment about that for the moment but if I decide I need some stronger colour to balance the overall effect that’ll be a good way to do that.


I’m trying to bring some of the feathers down into the angular quilting so nothing stops  too abruptly. I’ll be able to determine how to quilt the print motifs once all the background fill is complete. I’m thinking that one or two might have a lot of stitched detail whilst the majority stay ghostly and ethereal. I don’t think I’ve mentioned the name of this piece yet have I? It’s title is, ‘Every Thought a Question”. The quilt is about youth and endless curiosity – in complete contrast to my quilt ‘Remembering’ which was about age and memory loss.


That’s why I’ve used butterflies, symbolic of summer and light, rather than moths who are largely creatures of the night – so now you know!

Thanks for reading today – I’ll be back again soon.

Linda x



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