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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You may remember seeing the patchwork top I made over what felt like an eternity last year. It was started when my mom went into hospital for knee replacement surgery and I knew there’d lots of waiting around time. Having a hand pieced project really helped pass the time in the hospital waiting room and later back home when she was recuperating but needed company for a few weeks. Having a basket full of colourful patches and a needle and thread wherever I happened to be made me feel virtuous rather than frustrated and what might have been a bit of a chore became really very enjoyable and satisfying. Who has the luxury of time to sit and stitch in daylight hours these days? Not me very often so I certainly made the most of it. That probably helps explain how this quilt grew to be quite so huge!


I knew all along that, pleasurable as it might have been to start hand quilting the patchwork like I used to do in the old days, the novelty would soon wear off on such an enormous quilt. It’s super king size and generous at that.


Luckily I know someone who takes these things in her stride! My sister Maureen runs a longarm quilting service and I’ve commissioned her to transform my top for me. Here it is loaded onto her machine ready to be made beautiful. The machine table is 14 feet long so that gives you some sense of scale. Together we’ve chosen a closely spaced, swirly design which will contrast really well with the straight lines of the piecing. I decided on a lovely teal coloured thread which will blend with a lot of the colours of the patchwork but will showcase the design of the quilting on the back of the quilt which is a cream cotton fabric. If the patchwork ever becomes too overwhelming in the room I can always flip the quilt over and show the plain side! I’ll let you see the transformation as soon as she’s finished although I have insisted she leave the binding up to me as it’s always my favourite bit of quiltmaking.


It’s a great feeling delegating but I shouldn’t feel smug knowing someone else is taking care of business as there’s always plenty of work going on around here. Sometimes though it all gets too much and for the sake of sanity it’s necessary to make an escape. The photo above shows Attingham Park, a National Trust property that’s fairly close to where we live so we can easily pop along for a few hours RnR. They’ve recently reopened the newly restored picture gallery which is stunning and well worth a visit if you are in the area. I only had time for a quick whizz through but I’ll go back again soon.


We had glorious weather for our picnic in the parkland and beautiful as the gardens are, the majestic trees are the stars of the show.

It’s been even more hectic than usual here lately. The renovations at Laura’s house are in full swing and if you hear the sound of radios playing and men singing along oblivious to the audience I apologise – we do try to insist they time their tea breaks to fit around our recording sessions but it’s not always wise to stop men working when they’re in the zone and they don’t seem to be able to function without a blaring radio! What with launching a dedicated new website for DMTV and of course starting my own new site it’s been a steep learning curve. Poor Laura is probably sick and tired of my constant questions about how to do this and that but I take copious notes and am trying to master the technology so I don’t have to rely on her quite so much. She’s baled me out a few times this last couple of weeks! I’m off now to see if I can get to grips with adding more images of work for sale to the small works page. Thanks to everyone who bought pieces in the last two weeks there’s not much there right now but I have masses of small pieces and it’s just a question of getting them on the site. Give me a day or two and it might be worth having a look!

Thanks for visiting – I hope you’ll come back on a regular basis!

Love Linda x



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