Welcome to my new blog!

With a brand new website it seemed like the right thing to have a new blog too. I really appreciate the time you spend with me so welcome to you all!

It feels like a brand new start in lots of ways today. After a long winter, the sun is shining and the birdsong is deafening from dawn till dusk. We’ve been watching our resident Great Tit parents fly back and forth to a plant pot in the garden for days now. The feeding regime must be exhausting. I peeped into the pot a week or so ago when I was certain no one was on the nest and I spotted at least 9 eggs so that enormous family will be very demanding!


If they had any sense they’d have chosen a better spot than a plant pot to raise a family – that’s why they’re called bird brained I suppose. This little house, safe from predators, is still available in Laura’s garden. You go to the trouble of providing a desirable residence and the ingrates prefer to make a home down on the ground in a plant pot. Pesky!8FullSizeRender

The blossom on the fruit trees is looking lovely and is alive with the buzz of bees. It’s the true sound of summer isn’t it? I’m feeling as energised as the birds and the bees too – the longer, lighter days always have that effect on me. Just as well really as we are very busy preparing for and recording more videos for DMTV. We always have a list of ideas we want to include and believe it or not we do make a long term plan on paper! Often the planned program goes completely out the window when we have a request from a subscriber about something they’d like us to cover. Just as often, despite good intentions to stay focussed on the plan, we get carried away with an exciting technique we want to explore for our own enjoyment. When we are asked where the inspiration for our  work comes from we can honestly say it was from a video we made for DMTV. Just doing the preparatory samples for a video stimulates creative ideas we wouldn’t have considered otherwise. A perk of the job! Of all the techniques we love, one constant in our lives is quiltmaking. We may have periods when we don’t make any for ages but we always come back to it eventually. There’s something so pleasurable about the process – in anxious times it’s better than therapy and way cheaper than a psychiatrist’s couch.


I needed a small, piecing project so I’ve been raiding the crates I store my fabrics in. I know it looks chaotic but this is where the leftovers go. They just get rammed in when I’m tidying up and then don’t see the light of day till the need arises. Every so often I like to make something out of practically nothing. It’s so satisfying to use up little bits and pieces leftover from previous projects. Makes me feel virtuous!


Just because I’m using scraps though doesn’t mean I can’t have a colour scheme – the control freak in me doesn’t like random! DMTV subscribers will be able to see the results of my piecing this week. Although I’ve machine pieced for speed, I’ve really enjoyed quilting the patchwork by hand in the evenings. And the great thing is I don’t need the daylight lamp to see what I’m doing now it’s light till late and I feel like I’ve got several more useful hours in a day!

Thanks for visiting – I hope you’ll come back on a regular basis!

Love Linda x



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