Stripy Strip Piecing

Laura’s been stocktaking her fabrics in preparation for the big move to the new studio.
As I watched her count the neat piles I couldn’t resist sneaking a couple of the prints into my bag last week!


The rusty orange fabric is a favourite of mine. It’s a print of a distressed surface Laura photographed on holiday in Portugal.
Just look at that gorgeous little bit of turquoise and grey in the peeling layers!


I called it rusty orange but there’s tremendous variation across the cloth with some really dark grainy areas.
Prints like these don’t work in the same way as solid colours do but that’s part of the fun.
Broken colour affects the way we see the shapes that the strips create. Instead of very defined shapes
sometimes there’s blending rather than contrasting. I love the effect!


You may be surprised to hear that the stripy blue fabric is a print from a photograph of an old tin roof!
The corrugated metal reflected lovely bright highlights against deep dark shadows.
Both of these fabrics can be found at Fingerprint and it only takes 2 fat quarters to make a cushion sized patchwork top.
I think working with stripes in patchwork is interesting if unpredictable.
Chopping into these irregular bands of colour makes for a very lively effect.
The simplicity of strip patchwork has always appealed to me and I love this Courthouse Steps arrangement.
Considering the cotton fabrics are quite matte I think the patchwork almost sparkles!


For a change of activity away from the sewing machine I’ve been getting stock ready for the reopening of our online shop.
And if you ever wondered how greetings cards get packaged,  (I know, I know, why would you wonder?)
here’s how I spent Sunday morning. I expect somewhere there is a clever machine that can fold cards,
add an envelope, slide everything into a cellophane bag and seals it but we don’t have one so it’s down to me.
Hardly taxing you might say but try doing it several hundred times and see how the novelty wears off!
Could have been a lot worse – I sat in front of the TV watching old Keith Floyd cookery programmes. So now we have
a box full of cards ready to pop into our online shop when the new website goes live any minute now – plus I know
how to cook squid on a makeshift hob while out on a fishing boat. I scarce like to mention that he filmed with a bad hangover
whilst the boat lurched about on a choppy sea. May explain why he accidentally set fire to the table and forgot to add the spinach at a
crucial time too. Oh the joys of live TV – DMTV often feels much like that too!

Thanks for dropping by today – I hope you’re having a good weekend – Linda x

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