Red and purple rule OK

I know it’s a bit of a cliche to show yet more autumn colour but I can’t resist, especially when it’s as red and glowing as this Cotinus in our garden.


I live in the country and am surrounded most of the year with green and brown – two colours I’m not really fond of. Then suddenly everything changes and the world becomes red or gold…..


I’m even seeing red in the kitchen.


We had such a fantastic crop of raspberries this year that I couldn’t keep up – all the surplus we couldn’t eat fresh got put in the freezer. Now I can cook up enough raspberry jam to last the family all year! Actually it should be called jelly because I sieve all those irritating seeds out before I boil it up. Jars of this will probably go into hampers as Christmas gifts. That way I won’t be tempted to eat it all myself!


We’ve still got a lovely crop of apples. These red eaters look beautiful piled high in a bowl on the dining table. Left like that they’d be considered a health food…………


Sadly we prefer them as Tarte Tatin. The missing slices are testament to how delicious this is. Probably a heart attack on a plate but still can’t wait to polish the rest off at dinner tonight!


It’s not only red I’ve been drawn to lately. Seems purple has come into my life. What do they say about old women and purple? Perhaps it’s coming true. I know I said I wasn’t going to make any more dresses from that Ottobre pattern but since three of the four I’ve already made have been claimed by Laura I did need at least one more. This purple and grey striped jersey knit fabric was just perfect. Another great Rag Market buy. I might have to give in and just live in this dress forever. It’s the most comfy style I’ve ever found and of course it has the essential pockets I love so much. Using my overlocker for everything but the hems meant it was made from start to finish in about 3 hours.


I mentioned last post that I’d made start on the quilting of my portrait quilt for the Through Our Hands exhibition next year. Here it is under the needle of my trusty PowerQuilter. I honestly hadn’t noticed quite how purple it was looking until I took this photograph. I’ve never been a fan of purple – what is going on?

Hope you are enjoying a colourful time too.

Love Linda x

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