Quilting painted and printed eyes

Like most people as Christmas sneaks up on us life gets very busy but I have managed to find a bit of time to work on the ‘Every Thought a Question’ quilt. This is the one destined for the Through Our Hands exhibition next summer.


I’m faced with quilting the face now and it’s going OK so far. I’m contour quilting led by the changes in colour and value within the drawing. The eyes are the easiest part as there’s lots of shapes, shadows and highlights to follow. As long as I don’t get lazy and remember to keep changing the thread colour to blend with the fabric colour it should work.


I’ve had Jamie at Fingerprint print the same drawing onto very sheer, silk chiffon. Years ago, I made a piece of work that used a photo image transfer of Laura at about the same age so I thought it would be lovely to do something similar with the next generation of girls in our family.


The Laura as a baby piece (small detail above) used a sheet of Extravaganza that was paper backed so it could feed through an ordinary inkjet printer. That limited me to A4 size but now I can work  much bigger with the capabilities of the wide format printer they have at Fingerprint.


So I’ve had a much enlarged version of the digital self portrait I made some months ago  printed onto the same sheer fabric. You can see part of the print here against a white background.


It’s difficult to show how transparent the fabric is in a single image so here are the two prints laid one on top of the other. The transparency means anything the print is placed on makes a major contribution to the final effect. I have ambitious plans for these prints but you’ll have to be patient for a while yet. Laura and I are having a two person exhibition in 2018 that will focus once again on the women in our family. Some of you might remember our ‘Family Album’ pieces that we showed a few years ago – the new exhibition will build on that work which was never fully resolved. That’s the trouble with families – always changing and evolving as some pass away and others join! The deadline is ages away yet but quilts don’t make themselves do they?

Thanks for reading today – I’ll be back soon. Linda x

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