Printing today

We’re in the middle of a summer thunderstorm this afternoon and I needed something to keep me occupied indoors! If you’re a regular to this blog you’ll probably remember seeing a pencil drawing I made of my granddaughter ages ago.


She’s changed a lot since then but I still like the drawing so I decided I’d use it to make a drypoint print block. This involved flipping a photocopy of the original drawing so that once printed the image would be the right way around.


I placed the reversed copy underneath the perspex and scribed the main shapes using this scary looking tool.


Here’s the result – I photographed it against my black sketchbook so you can see the scribed lines. They appear white against the dark cover of the book and the trick is to imagine what will happen when those light lines are filled with dark ink and what now looks dark becomes pale!


My first print using sepia etching ink was patchy but I’ll draw into it when the paper is dry to try to redeem it. I don’t like to waste anything and who knows it might be an improvement! As it stands it does at least show how the image reverted back to the correct orientation when printed.


For my next attempt I switched to sanguine ink and liked this print better.


Of course it’s impossible to stop once you get into the zone so there are lots more prints drying in my studio right now. I’ve filled the tables and covered the floor so I had to call a halt. I’ll no doubt come back to this block again at some time but while I had the inks out and plenty of paper soaking in the water bath I thought I might as well try this collagraph plate. It was one I’d made from mount board and gel mediums months ago but never got around to trying out. I’m thinking it needs more detail and texture so I’ll be working on that soon!

Talk again soon – Love Linda x

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