Printed Sketchbook Painting and Drawing

I’m still enjoying working into the printed sketchbook Laura gave me a couple of weeks ago.
It’s such fun to work with the colours and shapes already on the page!
If you haven’t seen any of this book before it’s making several appearances on DMTV.


On this page I’ve added the head of a Green Woodpecker. I used a water-soluble pen for the initial drawing and then added watercolour
to both the bird and the three incomplete printed circles. My woodpecker is peeping out from behind  Laura’s monoprinted line.
Looking at the image on the screen has made me think I need to extend that line across the left page!
It’s always useful to look at a photograph of your work I find – helps to see the complete picture!


I try to fit in something creative every day if I can. Art sessions with my granddaughter provide a perfect excuse to get colourful.


I think I probably enjoyed her stencilled scraperboard activity even more than she did.


This combination of shapes is very Klimt-like isn’t it? I hope Amelie will visit again soon so I can play some more!

Thanks for dropping by today – I’ll be back again soon – Linda x

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