Painted an eye and bound a quilt

I’ve been sidetracked this week having discovered a new fascination. Pinterest has a lot to answer for doesn’t it? No better way to while away an hour (or several) finding things you never knew existed!


I know this looks weird but it was inspired by Georgian jewellery and great fun to do.


I had even more fun adding a border of beads to surround it. DMTV viewers will get to see the step by step painting and construction process in a few weeks when I’ll hopefully have more examples ready to share.


In between these painterly distractions I’ve found time to finish the machine quilting on ‘Every thought a Question’ and added the binding.


It still needs work before I can call it done but I’m getting there. The next quilt top is already waiting for my attention. It’s a self portrait destined for exhibition at the NEC either next summer or the following year. Laura and I are lucky to have exhibiting opportunities at Festival of Quilts lined up for 2017 and 2018. I’ve decided to just keep making work – I can decide what goes to which exhibit when I have a choice of quilts to consider.

Thank you for dropping by today! Talk again soon – Linda x

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