New Year, new sketchbook

I’ve just finished taking down the Christmas decorations and last night we ate the last slices of Christmas cake so, it’s official, Christmas is over. Time to put the special tablecloth away for another year.


Thanks to our friends and family it’s gradually getting more and more colourful but there’s still plenty to work on next time it appears. Should entertain us for years to come actually! We’ve had lots of visitors and fun over the last couple of weeks but it hasn’t been all lolling about eating, drinking and watching old films on TV – I have made time to be creative too. I think you have to or you might possibly go mad with sloth and inactivity!


Some of the most enjoyable time has been working into one of Laura’s hand printed sketchbooks. She made three for the recent DMTV video and threw one in my direction with the challenge to fill it and make it my own. Of course I had to include a few of my favourite birds didn’t I? This rook is one of the pages that will be making an appearance on DMTV soon.


This is definitely a work in progress but I’ll be doing that live on camera for our subscribers!


Finally I thought I’d show you the brioche stitch cowl I’m making. It’s a perfect project for the dark evenings I just need to make sure it’s finished while we still have the wintry weather!

Thanks for dropping by – hope you’ll be back soon. Linda x

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