New Clothes – Getting Carried Away Again!

With the changing of the seasons and the onset of much cooler days a change of clothes is called for – fortunately, Laura had spotted a Finnish magazine that is new to us but obviously very well known in the dressmaking world. It seems it is printed in eleven different languages so how on earth we had never come across it is a mystery. The magazine is called Ottobre and with the first issue we received there was a pattern we both liked the look of for Autumn/Winter.


Here’s my first attempt in a grey and violet jersey print. Perfect with thick tights and knee high boots.  I liked it so much I made a second version the next day.


This one has a splashed paint effect print as a contrast colour in the lower sleeve. Good way to use up scraps leftover from a previous sewing session. I’ll wear it with a bright infinity scarf to balance with colour at  the neck.


Why stop when you’re on a roll? The dress makes up in just a couple of hours if you have a trusty overlocker – I don’t know what I’d do without mine! Version 3 involved a fine knit black fabric with stripes – not too tricky to match up on such a simple shape.  My machine is by Husqvarna and it whizzes along making very short work of the dress. I did all of the construction on the overlocker and only used my sewing machine to attach the neck binding and reinforce the corners of the integral pockets. I’m forcing myself to stop there – enough is enough! I’ll have a go at a different pattern next time I feel the urge!


There’s stuff other than dressmaking going on anyway. We’re trying to make time to be creative in Laura’s Wooden House at least once a week. While mom, my sister Maureen and Laura printed like demons on Friday, I made a start on a new quilt.


We visited a butterfly farm a couple of weeks ago when we were in France. I took about a hundred photographs and am already using them as inspiration for the quilt.


If you’re a DMTV subscriber you’ll see bits of the quilt very soon. We’ve recorded a couple of videos where I’ve used lots of block printing in both sketchbooks and on fabric.


Here’s a glimpse of the block printed butterflies but not the whole thing. It’s destined for exhibition so I have to keep some things secret!


Thanks for reading today – talk soon, Linda x

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