Keeping it in the Family


I suspect people don’t think of what Laura and I do as a ‘proper’ job. After all we just sit around painting and stitching all day don’t we? Well the truth is somewhat different to that but no matter how busy we get we do realise how lucky we are to spend our days doing what we do.  We’re also really lucky in that the women in our family share our interest in all things creative too.


My mom won’t thank me for telling you that she’s 88 but I think it’s remarkable how she still loves to get stuck in and have a go – here she was enjoying a hand dyeing session. She’s just started a new patchwork quilt and needed specific yellows and blues so Laura was explaining the basics of colour mixing while preparing for a DMTV video about bucket dyeing.


Multitasking at its best.


My sister Maureen runs a longarm quilting business but she always makes time to join us when there’s a printing session happening. She’s got a thing for lizards – they appear a lot in her work.


I don’t often mention my younger daughter Frances but she’s just as talented and creative as her sister. She’s soon to launch a new online venture making accessories and items for the home. I’ve already put my order in for one of these great washbags. She’s chosen one of Laura’s digital print fabrics and a lovely chunky zip for this version – I love it!


And my denim and leaf print make up bag is used daily!


Of course when it comes to joining in the ever curious Amelie won’t be left out! Here she’s having a fantastic time mono printing. We usually have to tell students to be quick and make a print before the paint dries – not a problem for a 4 year old who works at breakneck speed! Keeping up with a steady stream of paper and paint is the only trouble we have with her!


We often take her to exhibitions at local galleries – here you can see her at Wolverhampton Art Gallery where, in the Victorian room, children are encouraged to use props to get into character. There’s nothing better than spending time with like minded folk to share the pleasure of art in general and the fun of making and creating is there? I told you I was lucky!


Thanks for dropping by today – I appreciate your company!

Love Linda x

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