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You may not believe it but we found this cabinet in a skip this week. Hard to understand why someone would throw it out – obviously not a sewing type like me. I hate waste of any kind but especially of such a useful object.



After a couple of hours of deep cleaning it was ready to house some of my vast stash of threads.


Amelie and I had great fun organising them, not by type but by colour. When I’m quilting or embroidering the colour is by far the most important consideration.


It’s quite an interesting exercise. There were lots of questions about is this red grandma or is it pink or purple?


When does the greeny blue become green and the turquoisy green become blue? If this child isn’t fully conversant with colour theory by the time she’s five it won’t be because of lack of trying! Other children of four might recognise red, blue and yellow – Amelie is already familiar with indigo, aubergine and rust! Good girl!


I’ve decided to be grown up about it and just get on with quilting the face in the latest piece. I’m having to do most of this in the dark, winter evenings so the marvellous light of  the PowerQuilter is absolutely essential. The rest of the room might be in gloom but the area I’m working on is brilliantly lit.


There’s a real danger that the quilting will make such a young, smooth face look wizened. Unfortunately I don’t know any way to avoid this other than quilt it all very, very closely. I’m using Madeira Cotona 50 weight threads and changing the colour as often as necessary to blend with the colour of the drawing. Fingers crossed this will work!


Thanks for reading today – I’ll be back with progress pics as soon as there’s been some.

Linda x



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  1. The thread cabinet is wonderful. As Laura said, you can never have too many threads. Your description of Amelie sorting the threads brought memories to mind sorting my Gram’s button box. You are never too young to learn the difference between golden yellow and canary yellow. Have a wonderful weekend and if you are like me, you are counting the days until the first snowdrops appear.

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      Hi Amanda – Laura thought there was only one drawer full of red threads – she has no idea there was an overflow and there are actually three!

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