Drawing in the Dark

The pages of my printed sketchbook are filling up nicely – drawing is a great activity for the dark winter evenings.
Just picture me, curled up on the sofa in front of the TV with a roaring fire in the log burner. Almost makes me like winter!

I only need my sketchbook, a photo to work from, and a pen or a pencil and I’m ready. No messy art stuff to balance on my knee!
I’ve been putting a fine liner pen through its paces before we add it to the Drawing Kit we’re preparing to offer in the DMTV shop.
The page above shows my pen drawing of a Goldfinch – we get lots of them visit our garden after the flower seeds.

And because the pen is waterproof I can easily add washes of watercolour paint on his head and wing without disturbing the original drawing.

I’ve made a similar drawing of a Magpie.

And added a little watercolour to the right hand page to balance the print colour on the left.
The existing red print marks were quite dominant on the wing and chest of the bird so I used a little acrylic ink to blot them out.
Watercolour wouldn’t have covered the red but acrylic is much more opaque. A final touch of blue to the wing feathers and he’s done!

Hope you can find as much enjoyment in filling the pages of a sketchbook as I can. In these uncertain times it’s a simple pleasure isn’t it?

Thanks for reading today – I’ll be back soon, Linda x

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