Creative Christmas

I probably don’t need to tell you that it’s almost Christmas. There were carol singers at the market this morning and every other person shopping was wearing one of those embarrassing festive jumpers they were given as a joke last year. There’s still a week to go but Chez Kemshall we are entering into the celebratory spirit – you know it’s ‘that time’ when the special Christmas tablecloth makes its annual appearance.


It’s party time and with a plentiful supply of fabric pens some guests embrace the idea of colouring their bit of the cloth while they’re waiting for the next course to be served.


Well done Kath – you can come again although I think you became just a little bit too obsessed last night. We were eating by flickering fairy lights which might explain the bizarre choice of colours. Either that or there was too much sherry in the trifle.


Some people weren’t so keen – you can see where the party pooper sat – naming no names but you know who you are! This tablecloth first appeared in 2014 and the aim is get everyone who comes to the house to join in with the colouring till it’s done. Looks like it will keep us amused for quite some time yet.


While some of our friends are reluctant to join in Amelie of course needs no persuading to get creative. Here she’s painting pinecones to make little Christmas trees. About half a pint of paint later they were set aside to dry. Took an age!


The pot to hold the tree was a cut down toilet roll middle painted red. While my back was turned the temptation to spread what was left of the paint on the palette over slightly painty hands proved irresistible. Girls just gotta have fun! It’s good to be a little frivolous when all around us so much of life is relentlessly serious.

Hope you’re making space in your life to be creative too no matter how.

Love Linda x

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