Cooking, drawing, painting and stitching!

When I’m not working in my sketchbook, painting at my easel or sewing, I’m usually to be found in the kitchen.


It’s that time of year when there’s jam to be made again. While the strawberries and raspberries are in season the pot is rarely off the hob!


And then there are the tomatoes to deal with. We eat them sometimes twice a day!


What we can’t eat raw I roast with herbs and olive oil. They get passed through a fine sieve and frozen as sauce to give us a taste of summer all through the dark days of winter.


It’s not only vegetables getting attention this week; Amelie helped me with two batches of muffins yesterday. Those are cherry and pecan at the back of the tray and lemon and blueberry at the front. With Amelie’s ‘help’ there may be some muffins with fewer cherries and blueberries than the recipes called for. I might have to add a drizzle of lemon icing to make up for the deficiencies!


In between cooking sessions I worked back into the failed print I showed last post. I’m much happier with it now I’ve drawn onto it with coloured pencils. I love the way the ink ‘collects’ the colour on the slightly raised surface of the print.


I’ve also been painting a few flowers from the garden.


DMTV viewers will see more of the results very soon.


And having found an unfinished bit of needle felting lurking in my sewing basket – (no idea how long it’s been hiding there) – I’ve been enjoying some hand stitching……….


and auditioning some embellishments that will have a part to play. So, all in all not a bad week!

Hope you are being productive too!

Love Linda x

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