Christmas Quilt deadline nearly met!

I had intended to give this little quilt to my mother for Christmas but, what with one thing and another, it wasn’t quite ready in time and she had to make do with a last minute purchase of perfume.


Luckily she’s a very forgiving sort and I’m sure she’ll be happy with a present to celebrate the start of a brand new year instead.


Here’s a picture of the whole thing. You may recognise the pieced design in the centre – I reused the paper templates from Laura’s Millefiori Patchwork video for DMTV. Waste not, want not as the saying goes! It was lovely to have some restful hand stitching in the run up to Christmas.


I hemmed the patchwork to a square of dark blue/green fabric, added borders of a paler hand dye and applied hydrangea petals to the four corners before having fun free motion quilting it on my PowerQuilter. I used a single colour of Madeira rayon thread throughout to help meld the different elements together. There’s lots of quilting but happily the quilt still has some drape to it as you can see in the photo above.


DMTV subscribers can see how I made  the piece as it’s this week’s new video.

I’m hoping Mom will use the hydrangea inspired quilt on a small table in the conservatory which overlooks her courtyard garden which is full of her favourite hydrangea plants.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for following my blog and DMTV over recent months and years. It’s always good to know you are out there!

Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for a creative and fulfilling Happy New Year

Linda x


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  1. I am sure your Mother will love the quilt. I know I do. I was just looking at my hydrangea plants wondering if they will have survived our abnormal and extreme cold snap. I hope so or it is back to the nursery for new and hopefully hardier plants. Thank you (and Laura) for bringing such inspired techniques to my mailbox every week. I look forward to each video and even take notes like I did in school. Wishing you and yours the best in 2017. I hope it is filled with joy, fun filled days, loads of creative moments, and memories. Cheers.

  2. I Love Hydrangeas as well . I recently made a small table quilt using he rail fence workshop. Love DMTV! Wishing you all a happy healthy productive New Year.

  3. Post

    Thank you all for your good wishes and kind words! We love to hear that you like what we do and that you find the videos inspirational.

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