White Beaches

39″w x 28″h This quilt combines a digital print of a photograph of an old fishing boat that I fell in love with some years ago in Brittany, with piecing and free motion quilting. The text is painted fusible appliqué with hand stitching.


Remembering was made for the Carrefour European du Patchwork exhibition in Ste Marie aux Mines in 2012. It won Best in Show and became part of the permanent collection there. The quilt measures 1 metre square. It features pencil drawings from my sketchbook together with photographic images of moths, all digitally printed onto cotton fabric and free motion quilted with a little hand stitched detail.


I love paint so when the chance arose to submit a piece for a competition entitled The Magic of Colour, I knew straight away what my inspiration would be. This is a photograph of my watercolour paintbox, digitally printed to cotton, with machine quilting and hand embellishment. Exhibited in The Magic of Colour, Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork (and subsequent tour), Winner of France Patchwork Prize, Winner of Best Machine Quilting. Private Collection

Crow Song

Drawn to the Moon has moths that have been discharge printed and a silvery, hand painted moon.

Drawn to the Moon

Drawn to the Moon has moths that have been discharge printed and a silvery, hand painted moon.

Moon Moth

Moon Moth – a small quilt with photo transfer, piecing, acrylic transfer and free motion quilting.

Fields of Gold

Pieced quilt using hand dyed and commercial cotton fabrics with appliqué, free motion quilting, applied pastel and paint.

To the Brim

This quilt was inspired by several of my favourite Paul Klee paintings. I pieced together many squares of hand dyed, rusted and digitally printed fabrics and worked onto the resulting surface to add appliqué, fabric painting, stencilled and stamped text.

Ragged and Black

Ragged and Black is a lyric from a Joni Mitchell song. I like to work with a title right from the start when I’m making a quilt and these words seemed to fit my crow character perfectly. The original image was a painting I made using gouache and Indian ink on watercolour paper.

All the Birds

My daughter Laura and I worked on this piece together. The birds are some of my hand painted watercolours – Laura has carefully arranged them using digital collage onto the branches of a magnificent old tree photographed in her garden.