Apple Day and Monoprinting

We’ve enjoyed some glorious autumn weather just lately however it poured all through Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday morning. Fortunately the clouds parted to let the sun shine by the time we reached Dudmaston for its annual Apple Day celebrations. Some of my photos may look familiar if you’ve been following my blog for a while – that’s the way with traditional events – they are much the same from one year to the next! I expect that’s part of why we love them. When the world is so dangerous and unhappy it’s reassuring to be able to go to an English country garden to experience such innocent pleasures as harvestime.


The Shrewsbury Morris team were back again to entertain us throughout the day with music and dance. I would love to join in if I wasn’t such an embarrassment to my children.


I love the wild stick whacking with its accompanying whoops and hollers best. They really mean business with those hefty staves – I checked their knuckles later but couldn’t make out any bruises!


Of course there’s little point in going to an apple pressing without the vital ingredient is there? I picked a basket full of these little beauties as we left the house. I don’t know the variety but they’re very sweet eaters and made great juice. We now have lots of it in the freezer – it’ll keep us going for weeks and weeks.


Back in the studio I had a few minutes to while away while Laura and Frances were in the middle of a photoshoot. Amelie wanted to do some more mono printing but when she lost interest and and there was one of Laura’s homemade gelli plates already inked up the urge to put it to use was irresistible.


Of course once you start and there is still paint on the palette it’s impossible to stop. These Golden open acrylics are gloriously rich and perfect for printing.


I love the subtle colours that begin to appear with subsequent prints. I can’t pretend that I only used the leftovers – more paint was applied! Like I say, it’s impossible to stop once you start.


I had no real plan in mind but I still like the results and will have another go when I have an idea in my head.


I’ve also been enjoying a bit of more considered painting with acrylics. My little woodpecker will soon be available to buy as a decorative panel if you like the look of him. I just have to sort out the hanging mechanism and he’ll be ready to display.


Thanks for dropping by today – I’ll be back soon with another update on what’s keeping us busy! Linda x

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