Another day out!

We had another excuse to take time out this week. I’d say it was to celebrate ‘He Who Gardens’ birthday but if truth be told our birthdays seem to last for almost a week nowadays. When family are numerous and scattered it’s impossible to get everyone together at once so we have several little gatherings instead. After a week of friends and family visiting and dinners enjoyed at our favourite restaurants, yesterday it was just the two of us. Let off the leash and allowed to do what we liked!



We drove down to the Cotswolds to the unbelievably beautiful Snowshill Manor.


The gardens were a delight in the summer sunshine. Doorways like this are so inviting aren’t they?


You have to imagine this with the sound of bees humming amongst the flowering Cardoons and doves cooing as they went about their business on the roof of the dovecote. Of course there was also the humming of lots of visitor conversation but we did our best to ignore them and pretend it was our garden and our manor house!


Inside the house the rooms are kept atmospherically dark. The National Trust do this both to protect the precious contents and to preserve something of how it would have been when Mr Paget Ward, who collected the wide ranging and often bizarre artefacts, was still there. We were told there are approximately 22,000 objects in the collection. It’s impossible to take it all in – this was our third visit to the Manor and we’ll definitely have to go again!


I wonder if the locals in nearby Broadway ever get used to tourists like me taking photographs of their chocolate box houses?


We arrived back home to find the farmer baling the hay cut from the field that surrounds our house. This is the view from a bedroom window minutes before the bales were hauled away. Our local buzzards circled the field till dusk fell, no doubt feasting on the small creatures with no place to hide till the grass grows again. Such is the cycle of life and though we may not like to acknowledge it, nature is red in tooth and claw!

Despite all the jollity I wouldn’t want you thinking it’s been all play and no work this week. I have found time to paint a still life and start some knitting.


I normally keep knitting to the winter months but I couldn’t resist treating myself when my mom asked me to order her some sock yarn. It’s good to have something to pick up and work on in a spare moment. I’ll let you see painting and quilting progress next time. Who knows, I might even have finished the socks!

Talk again soon – Love Linda x

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