A week of contrasts

I am aware I live in a bubble. It is quite a small bubble and days go by without me venturing outside of it. The past week has shown me that not everyone has the same experience. It started last weekend when 10 gardens in my village were opened to the public to raise funds for the church. There is nowhere on earth more beautiful than an English country garden in May when the trees are heavy with blossom and the sun shines! I can’t imagine anyone had enough stamina to visit all 10 – what with the chat and the tea and cake we only managed 3!

Cottage garden

This tranquil garden was one of my favourites.


I’ve a thing for a bit of topiary as long as I’m not the one with the clippers! You have to imagine the only sounds that day were those of birdsong and the gentle clinking of china cups on saucers. By way of complete contrast, a couple of days later, we headed into the city to see one of our favourite musicians. The second city is only a few miles away as the crow flies but in rush hour traffic, crawling along in second gear, it takes an hour and a half to get there. Birmingham Town Hall is a splendid building and the acoustics are world class – a wonderful venue for a wonderful artist, Eric Bibb. We started the evening in one of the bars on the banks of the city’s canal basin for a pre concert drink. I know I’m going to sound like a country bumpkin but it was a revelation to discover that city living involves going straight from the office to the pub. Suits and stilettos de rigeur! 5.30 in the afternoon and the bars and restaurants were packed! It’s not like that in the country – doubt I could even walk in those shoes, let alone work all day.

On leaving the concert hall we had to face a trek across town to get to our car but we were met at every turn by men in high vis vests telling us we couldn’t go the way we wanted. There were huge trucks with bewildering loads of equipment, great big lighting rigs, an army of security men and an impressive looking catering set up for ‘crew only’. Seems we had stumbled into a cordoned area, an exclusion zone where Warner Brothers were making a movie. A burly security man told us to leave the area asap as they were about to film a car stunt! Not something you see every day is it?

An exciting night out will last me for weeks – it might be deadly quiet and something of a cultural desert but I’m always glad to be back home.

Thanks for visiting today.

Love Linda x


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